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15 Aug 2019

That headline could be taken two ways, as some people see Inverness as the quaint Highlands capital of yesteryear and see moving there as a way to escape the city rat race.

For others though, a move to Inverness means the adrenalin rush of having serious mountains to scale on the doorstep; of having an airport with daily scheduled flights to the Highlands and Islands as well as to UK and international hubs in London and Amsterdam.

There are also many things which get corporate pulses racing – such as the proposed £100 million development of the Inverness Campus; the Inverness Airport Business Park and a City Deal which aims to unlock £1 billion of investment in skills and infrastructure for the region.

Or for many, the buzz is simply the rippling muscles and romance of “Outlander”; the international hit filmed in and around the region.

But then, there’s always the other notion of wildlife; not the deer, pine martens, eagles and red squirrels to be found nearby. There’s also the scourge of the Highlands – the dreaded midge.

We have a set of solutions for that too.

  1. Buy a home on a higher elevation. Any Scot knows that the wee midgie blighters can’t make headway against even a small breeze – and if the raised outlook happens to also deliver views over the magnificent and aptly named Great Glen, then so much the better.
  2. Buy a home which is so nice, you don’t ever want to leave it to go out into marshy, moody places where the dreaded midge lurks. Great Glen Hall is a sensitive refurbishment of a glorious Victorian property, with towers and crenellations to suit even the most romantically inclined.
  3. Buy one of those hats with a net. This is only for hardcore outdoors-types though. It looks admittedly daft on a trip to the supermarket.
  4. Ignore tiny midges and just enjoy one of the most magnificent locations to live in the entire world. And yes, we could be said to be biased but here’s a summary in case you missed it.

Great Glen Hall is a fabulous, stone-built set of buildings in Inverness, converted into utterly unique apartments and townhouses for anyone who wants a quality home in the hearts of the Highlands.

It has views to die for over the Great Glen, through deep, traditional windows you will never tire of gazing out of.

It has towers. It has quirks. It has acres of unspoilt landscaping and mature trees. And you can own a brand new home here, complete with luxurious and contemporary fittings and finishes, from just £230,000.

The humble midge is a tiny price to pay to be able to say you live in the heart of the Highlands.

For information, click here.

Robertson Homes is the reigning “Housebuilder of the Year” in Scotland and the show apartment at Great Glen Hall is also the current “Showhome of the Year”. Awarded by the Scottish Home Awards 2019.

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