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The Consumer Code came into effect in April 2010 and outlines a set of requirements and principles that Home Builders must meet in their marketing and selling of Homes and their after-sales customer service.

The Code applies to all Home Buyers and Homes. The purpose of the Code is to ensure that Home Buyers:

  • Are treated fairly
  • Know what service levels to expect
  • Are given reliable information upon which to make their decisions
  • Know how to access speedy, low-cost dispute resolution arrangements if they are dissatisfied.

The Code is an industry-led code of conduct for Home Builders, which was developed to make the home buying process fairer and more transparent for customers and reinforces best practice among Home Builders to encourage a consistently high level of information and customer service. It builds on successful efforts already made by the industry to improve consumer satisfaction in recent years.

Find out more about the Code

The Consumer Code for Home Builders has its very own website, with detailed information on all aspects of the code.
For more information, download the Consumer Code for Home Builders Scheme:

consumer code for homebuilders

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