15 May 2018

There’s always the fear that if you want to move home quickly, you might end up having to compromise and accept second best – but actually, you could find yourself counting your lucky stars.

Completed or nearly completed new homes are known in the industry as 'stock plots' - pretty much ready to receive the buyer who will turn the property into a home. But during the transition from a home being 'ours' to 'yours', we tend to do exactly the same as you would.

We start to add bits and pieces to make the property more comfortable - maybe adding floor coverings instead of bare floorboards, or perhaps adding more turf and landscaping around the garden.

Our stock plots are effectively our shop window and we want everything to look its best. That means prospective buyers can find themselves with enhanced benefits on a product description which we believe is already best in its class.

It’s partly pride that we want almost completed homes to look the best they can but of course, our business is selling homes. We have exactly the same motivation as you do to find a house you can instantly fall in love with, and if we can smooth that process by adding additional touches then it’s a win/ win scenario.

When happy individuals and families start to move in, the whole vibe of a development changes and you can feel the positive energy.

A brand, new home is a source of great pleasure and pride so people tend to start developing their own gardens. Flowers and young trees start to appear (along with the odd garden gnome, water feature and climbing frame). All this really adds to the excitement of coming to a development where some properties are already completed and a community is starting to build up.

We try not to take it personally, but when this happens, people just want to get on with the business of living and, in truth, they want hard hats and site personnel in their natty yellow jackets to be a thing of the past.

We’re with them on that too and it makes business sense for us to complete a site as quickly as possible so we can switch resources to the next one. You might benefit from that also since stock plots sometimes carry financial incentives so we can pack up and move on.

The thing is, we won’t always advertise these advantages - so the best thing you can do, if you are able to move relatively quickly, is to make sure you call in and ask what’s available in terms of stock plots.

Happy moving!