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15 May 2020

Building Homes...with LEGO bricks

A lot of us at Robertson Homes have children and so we know how hard it can be to manage to keep them entertained, teach, feed and exercise them alongside trying to do your own work from home.

“I’m just on a Zoom call sweetheart” is something we’ve probably all said in the last few weeks.

Our team sat down, (ironically on a Zoom call), a few weeks ago to try and think of a way we could help our amazing social media followers get involved in some lighthearted fun that would keep their kids busy.

We love to see the new generations joining our building family and so starting them really young with a Lego building competition seemed like the obvious choice.

Facebook followers were asked to submit the best Lego house built by their children and we were blown away by the number of entries. The amazing imagination and the pictures we received blew us away.

Initially, we had one prize planned for the best entry but there were so many amazing entries, we handed out lots of additional prizes to show our appreciation for the efforts so many put in.

Here are some of the best, just read the descriptions!! 😂


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