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15 May 2020

Gardens, Glorious Gardens!

For those of us with gardens, we’re thanking our lucky stars for some relatively good weather during this period of lockdown.

But as we’re not out of the woods just yet and could well be having to entertain ourselves a bit more at home, we’ve rustled up a few garden activities for all the family. 

Games for kids

Scavenger hunt - This is a really simple but fun one for the younger ones. Depending on the complexity you could have them entertained for hours!

View a scavenger hunt example, here.

Water balloon dodgeball - The rules are quite simple but are you too ‘old and boring’ to take on the kids?

Find out more.

Build a fairy house - Fire up their imagination and make sure you’re catering for all the little visitors to your garden - Pinterest is a great source of inspiration, see one of our favourites, here.

Nature lovers

Get some simple eco-friendly bird feeders in your garden and brighten up your day with a bit of bird song, view here. 

If you have nowhere to hang a bird feeder and you are feeling handy, perhaps you could make your own bird table. The RSPB make a simple one here. 

Raised beds - tending to a few raised beds can be the perfect tonic to a stressful day and with us wanted to spend as little time as possible at the supermarket, you may just find this one of the most satisfying things to do in your garden. Here’s a simple guide to building one from B&Q.

The Relaxers

Sun loungers - if you can’t go on holiday to your usual sunny destination, why not invest in some quality garden furniture? How about this for an unusual sun lounger? 

Homemade firepit - We’re all spending too much time on screens. Why not build yourself a fire pit, grab some marshmallows to toast, sit back and enjoy natures TV, find out more.

Bring some sounds outdoors for your meditation app, a podcast, music to chill out over the weekend. This is a seriously cool portable and waterproof wireless speaker, so if you do decide to do the water balloon dodgeball, you’re covered!! 


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