Keeping the mind and body healthy at home with Yoga

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11 May 2020

Keeping the mind and body healthy at home with Yoga

With our movements limited in recent times, it can be easy to fall into a trap of not being very active. You may have dropped the Joe Wicks 9 am workout by now, and for a lot of people, a daily walk in the sunshine has become the new norm and a bit of a sanctuary, but is that enough?

One thing we have noticed is a number of our customers converting their garden rooms into make-shift yoga studios. Finding a bright space with some natural light is perfect for Yoga. It is an excellent way of resetting your body but also helping relax the mind.

We've scoured the internet for some people that can show you some of the moves to get to grips with. Don't be intimidated by the perfect figures and incredible core strength of these people, and Yoga is a very inclusive form of exercise. With regular practice, you should feel calmer, more flexible and stronger too.

Here are our top picks for easy to follow, tutorial-style online videos:

Yoga With Adriene

Adriene has something for everyone. You can search her channel from within YouTube if you want to find something for beginners or more advanced moves.

If Instagram is your favoured platform check out the following, who all have lots of videos showing you some key moves:

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FIVE MINUTE UPPER BODY BLAST Today’s post is based on our most recent @strengththroughyoga guide THE CIRCUITS focusing on building strength and definition in the upper body, shoulders and arms. Check out @finolaphysio’s page as she is showing how to modify this circuitn for injuries or for a slightly lower intensity (but still challenging!). . Try this circuit through once if you only have five minute or try multiple times if you want to sweat longer! Remember to keep the movements controlled, move with your breath and that these moves should never cause pain. If you want more circuits like this we have a discount code WELOVEYOU for 30% off of The Circuits and our Postnatal Mind & Body Guide until the end of April (click the link in my bio). . 🧡 PLANK SQUARES x 5 each side Inhale to extend the right leg back squeezing glute, exhale to draw the right knee in towards the right tricep, down to the right wrist, across to the left wrist and inhale up to the left tricep and back. Repeat five times on one side then the other. Keep the core strong throughout! . 🧡 PLANK LOWER How slowly can you lower from plank to the floor (keeping the core engaged and shoulder tips lifted). Try a slow count of five and feel the burn! Drop the knees if you need. . 🧡 SPINHX TO SEAL TO DOLPHIN TO DOWNDOG x 10 Starting in sphinx pose, tops of the feet pushing down, glutei on and core engaged. Inhale to push up into seal pose hugging the elbows in. Exhale to lower into sphinx pose (elbows hugging in) and lift the hips walking the feet in to dolphin. Feel stability in the shoulders and strength in the core. Inhale lift the elbows into down dog and then exhale back to dolphin and lowering the hips into sphinx. These movements are really slow and controlled. If you prefer you could do 10 Sphinx to seal and then 10 down dog to dolphin. . 🧡 SIDE PLANK DIPS x 10 each side Keep your core and pelvic floor engaged and pushing through your forearm to stabilise your shoulder. Inhale to push up into side plank, exhale to lower your bottom hip towards the mat, inhale to lift away from the mat. Repeat. . #strengththroughyoga #homeworkout #quickworkout #armworkout #armcircuit #bodyblast

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And if you have kids, these videos are gold. Mixing Yoga with a bit of storytelling helps keep the little ones occupied for a while, and you can even join in too!

Cosmic Yoga

Whatever you're doing at home or however you're using the space you have, keep active, keep healthy and stay safe.

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