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01 Sep 2021

Being an independent, family-owned homebuilder has many benefits for all of our customers and employees.

In order to gain a deeper understanding of the importance Robertson Homes places on family values and what family really means to us, one of the UK’s leading residential property portals, What House?, recently interviewed our sales and marketing director Sharon Spinelli.

Sharon said: “The What House? interview was a great opportunity to share the Robertson Homes ethos across the UK and help homebuyers understand what really sets us apart as a developer.

“We don’t stick rigidly to the stereotypical idea of family being 2.4 children. Family to us encompasses everyone and everything which is a part of your life, whether they be relatives, friends, work colleagues and even pets.

“That’s why we are constantly evolving and creating, in order to ensure our homes offer everything that people really want and need. Everything we do is a result of genuinely listening to our customers to hear what truly makes a house a home that works across many different levels.”

As well as our plans for the next 12 months, Sharon was also asked about our marketing campaigns and what, in particular, gives people a ‘deliciously warm’ feeling.

“Much of what you see in our showhomes is probably a piece of my personality” jokes Sharon. “When people walk into a Robertson home for the first time, I want them to get a feeling of comfort, relaxation and restfulness.

“I do believe people know as soon as they open the door if a home is right for them and that’s what we aim to achieve with our homes – an instantaneous feeling of calm and peacefulness. ‘Deliciously warm’ is just a great way to describe the feelings we want our customers to experience.”

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