Robertson Homes Supports Fire Service Training in Inverness

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29 Feb 2024

Robertson Homes Supports Fire Service Training in Inverness

Firefighters from the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service based at Inverness Fire Station were given a guided tour around our Torvean development of new homes in Inverness, to learn more about modern timber kit construction methods.

Robertson Homes is building 114 new homes at Torvean on Golf View Road and invited a team of 11 Fire Service crew to the development to familiarise themselves with a new-build residential construction site.

Robertson Homes’ Construction Director, Gus Fergusson, said: “As part of the Fire Service’s ongoing training, the team at Inverness were keen to learn and understand more about the way modern new homes are built and to identify ways in which attending an incident on a construction site can be as safe and efficient as possible.

“The visit also enabled the crew to familiarise themselves with the techniques and materials used in housebuilding and to record the locations of key infrastructure, such as fire hydrants, within the development.

“We never take for granted the opportunity to build new homes and support the communities within which we work, so we were proud to be able to assist the Fire Service with training which can only be of benefit to local people.

“I would particularly like to thank our construction manager, Alan MacDonald, project manager John Dawson and the Torvean site team for their hard work in planning and facilitating this visit.”

Firefighters from Inverness Fire Station visited Robertson Homes Torvean development for training on modern construction_

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