Raising the roof (literally) at Great Glen Hall

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25 Apr 2019

The skyline to the west of Inverness will have a temporary feature for a single day next Wednesday (24th April) as a familiar landmark is painstakingly restored.

Robertson Homes is specially bringing in a 150-ton crane to lift the prefabricated top back onto one of the historic towers of Great Glen Hall. The tower was one of the features damaged by fire in 2007 but has recently been lovingly rebuilt to its 19th-century glory.

One of two being restored, the Western tower will be the first to receive its new 20-ton roof, with its core shape painstakingly recreated in steel by Metalwork UK in Tain.

Kieran Graham, Development Manager at Robertson Homes said, “The whole Great Glen Hall project has been hugely exciting and in construction terms, this is genuinely unique.

“Using local companies and local materials, we have designed the new twenty-ton tower roof in prefabricated steel and it will be lifted into place fully clad. The tower is around twenty metres high so this was the safest way to achieve the outcome and restore the landmark to the way it was.”

The lift is scheduled to take place around noon on Wednesday 24th April.

Tim Metcalfe, Regional Director for Robertson Homes (North) added. “We have employed contemporary technology to restore this landmark building to its full glory, including employing a specialist stone cleaning system which “washed” the walls at around 150 degrees. This restored the beautiful colour of the stone without damaging it.

“The roof of the building was also remarkably intact, which is testament to the skills of the 19th-century craftsmen who worked here. We have taken great care to use local companies; local stone and reclaimed slate, to ensure Great Glen Hall is as magnificent as it was originally – but now providing a wonderful setting for contemporary apartments and townhouses.”

Modern day craftsmen and women were amazed by how well the stonework and roofing had withstood nearly 150 years of Highland weather. Restoration work has been carried out by Robertson Homes where needed, with original stonework cleaned and repointed. Roof slates were able to be re-used and even the original sarking (the lining between rafters and slates) was found to be in remarkably good condition.

As part of the full restoration of the former hospital buildings, traditional materials and mature landscaping have been married with 21st century interiors and amenities to create 60 beautiful new homes.

In total, the refurbishment is estimated to cost £13 million and the project spent over 10 years in the design process. First residents have now moved in, with two and three bedroom apartments and townhouses available to buy, from £192,500 www.robertsonhomes.co.uk/homes-for-sale/great-glen-hall

Robertson Homes is a multi-award-winning brand in Scotland, largely in the executive, family homes bracket. Emphasis is always placed on location and on the quality of life offered by the surrounding environment.

great glen hall tower roof waiting on the building site

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