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22 Jun 2018

Everybody needs good neighbours (I’m sure I’ve heard that somewhere before...). And Lenzie couple John and Anna Graham would totally agree with that sentiment.

Now retired, the Grahams have lived in their home at the town’s Auchinloch Road – which was originally the gatehouse to a now demolished hospital - for 34 years.

So they had some concerns when they realised that the only access to Robertson Homes’ new Lenzie The Meadows development was via the road beside their property.

John says:

We’d seen the planning application online and, initially, we were a little perturbed as ours is the only existing property anywhere near the new development. However, the team from Robertson Homes were really accommodating, reviewing and revising plans to accommodate our home.

Following those discussions, our team confirmed to the couple that we would build a new access road to the site as well as installing a new monoblocked driveway for the Grahams.

Everything was dealt with very amicably and all the people we’ve spoken to at Robertson Homes have been really nice. They’ve done everything they can for us and even laid new turf in our back garden as a ‘thank you’ for our cooperation with them.

We just want to have good neighbours and also to be good neighbours. If there’s anything we’re concerned about, they’re very approachable. Since the work started on the new houses, we feel as if we’ve built up a relationship with the guys on the site - everyone couldn’t have been nicer.

As far as the Graham’s property is concerned, the only work still to be done is some landscaping on the old road at the front of their house.

We’ve sent some pictures of the development to our sons – they use to play in the grounds of the old hospital and they’re amazed when they see the difference in the place. Some of the trees near us have had to be removed and it’s made the outlook much brighter for us.

With a big developer coming in, it’s easy to expect that you might get swept aside but I’m most impressed at how they’ve dealt with our situation and I’d definitely say to anyone who is worried that Robertson Homes are good neighbours.

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