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This is the word that sprang to mind when we spoke to Lynsey & Gary who bought an Everett Grand in Bearsden last September.


During lock-down we’ve all had challenges, but we wanted to know how our customers had coped during the pandemic. Had what we built made a difference? 


Gary, who works in a global manufacturing company, is used to working at home 1-2 days per week but Lynsey, however, works for a bank in IT project management so has had to adjust to working from home 5 days a week.


The couple have 2 girls aged 8 & 10 and so like many families, life changed drastically back in March.


How have you been coping during lock-down with the kids and work? 


LC: Well, I’m a project manager, so it is all about getting routine for me. We’ve been pretty disciplined during lock-down ensuring the girls get up at the same time and have 30 minute activities from 9am-3pm.


They each have their own space and desk to work and so I can close the door in my office and get on with my work. I have a desk, sofa, bookshelf etc in my office so it is very pleasant. I’m very conscious lots of people will be working at kitchen tables, so this has been a god-send.

How have you escaped and what have you been doing with your time at home?


GC: Lockdown has been great for getting jobs done like building sheds, putting up racking for my bikes and shelves in the garage etc. We’ve built a ‘clubhouse’ for the girls too. They’re in the midst of finishing off the painting, putting in a glitter ball etc.

As things start to ease we’re looking forward to seeing more of our Hungarian Vizla who has been staying with grandparents. There are lots of lovely walks around here, so looking forward to making the most of getting out again with the dog.

Have you seen much community activity?


LC: People have been fantastic. The great thing about here is nobody is the ‘new neighbour’. We all moved here at the same time.


We’ve got to chat to the neighbours through the fence lots, the kids have been blowing bubbles to each other, we’ve all stood out at the front on a Thursday night to clap or bang pots and pans for the NHS. It has been lovely.


We’ve also had a 14 year old lad down the road who played his bagpipes every week at 8pm which made us all smile. His mum encouraged him and now everyone loves seeing him play.


GC: We’ve got a great Whatsapp group too that has been looking out for the vulnerable and those shielding. Each week a neighbour would take it in turns to get essentials from the shops for them. It is a really good feeling of community here.


How has the layout of your new home worked?

GC: The flow of the house is great. I don’t know how we would have coped in our old house. We moved from a large Edwardian terrace which actually had about the same square footage. The difference is, we are able to use every square inch of this house.


We’ve really enjoyed the light, the garden room and bi-fold doors. On nice days, we could bring the outdoors inside which extends the space we already have.

LC: The other great thing about the space has been that we’ve all had our own bathrooms! We would have felt very on top of each other in the old home.


And what about working from home in the future?

GC: Well, I will still have to travel overseas when things relax as it is the nature of my job, but when I do work at home, the wifi actually reaches all over the house which is great. It was a nightmare in our old home which was tall and long.


This house really is a better shape designed for modern family living. 


LC: I think I’m going to be doing a lot more working from home as people have been able to see that actually, we can do our jobs remotely and I am lucky to have the space to do so.




After getting off the phone, there was a great feeling of satisfaction on our behalf. All the hours of planning, the decisions we’ve made and our observations on family living were validated.


It is great to hear that a family like the Cochranes who invested in our family business are feeling the benefits of a modern family home that works for all of them.

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