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18 Mar 2022

Bright ideas about energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is at the heart of every Robertson home. From the timber frame structure to the energy saving appliances inside, we’re passionate about building in a way that has a positive impact on you, the environment and your energy bills. And we’ve got the certificates to prove it.

Energy efficient benefits of timber frames

This natural material allows us to create flexible and stylish living spaces that are highly energy efficient.

  • Environmentally friendly - It uses considerably less energy to produce than other forms of construction; plus, it contains a high level of insulation that reduces the amount of energy needed to heat it.
  • Low carbon footprint - It’s classed as carbon neutral reflecting the amount of energy used to process, manufacture and deliver the timber.
  • Energy efficient qualities - It uses manufactured wall, floor and roof panels that have excellent thermal and airtight properties, reducing drafts and lowering heating bills.
  • Sustainably sourced - It comes from FSC certified sources, ensuring that any timber cut down will be replaced.

We're energy efficient all-rounders

It’s not just our timber frames that are doing good. You’ll find energy efficient features inside and out:

  • Low energy light fittings in every room
  • Highly efficient double glazing
  • Water-saving appliances in kitchens and bathrooms
  • Eco2 solar panels
  • Potterton boilers with 93% efficiency rating

Know your energy efficiency rating

An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) tells you how energy efficient a building is. A is very efficient and G is inefficient.

The average UK home has an EPC rating of D.

All our homes have an EPC rating of B or above.

Good to know

All this means that a Robertson home is designed to keep you both warm and lower your energy bills.

elliot garden room flooded with natural light

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