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24 Nov 2018

What’s so great about living in Strathaven?

At Robertson Homes, we choose our locations carefully as we’re aware that when you make as important a purchase as a new home, you are also buying a lifestyle. With any move, you also acquire new friends, often schools and a whole community of neighbours so location is crucial.

So, if you don’t already know that Strathaven is a great place to live, we thought we would pull together a very informal list of our favourite things in and around this lovely, historic Lanarkshire village. It’s not exhaustive and it’s highly personal but here is our tour of some of the best bits of Strathaven – apart from new Robertson Homes of course.

Strathaven Leisure Centre

A great place to meet up and take a bit of exercise. It has a swimming pool, sauna and health suite and a wide range of fitness classes. Best of all, we found it very friendly and welcoming. There’s also a creche for little ones so that mums and dads can enjoy exercising, knowing their wee ones are well looked after. (Same goes if you want to extend to a coffee and grown-up chat afterwards)

The Centre offers a children’s activity timetable, with activities both during term time and holidays – including swimming lessons.

Strathaven Park

Strathaven park has a lovely, sylvan setting for when you just want to get outside and enjoy the breeze. In fact, Strathaven offers a lot of opportunities to walk, with winding streets and interesting buildings for anyone with the time to look up and around the historic village centre.

Or if you are feeling more energetic, there is a local running club, The Striders, who are welcoming to all levels of fitness.

Community events

One of the advantages of living in a well-established locale is that there is history and structure already in place for community occasions. In Strathaven, these include an annual hot air Balloon festival in Strathaven Park. This was its biggest ever in 2018 and is a great family day out each summer.

There’s also a Strathaven Village Gala Day, with everything you’d expect; costumes, a parade and a Gala Queen with events, displays and stalls for the community to come together.

Community groups

There are almost too many to name, but here are just a few.

Strathaven round table is responsible for a lot of local activities, including an annual fireworks display for charity. With activities throughout the year for all the family, they are always keen to welcome new members.

Strathaven Rugby club offers a mix of kids’ training and games, with fitness classes for parents while the kids to train (No excuse to slope off to a coffee shop, sadly).

There are also churches and faith groups available; mother and toddler groups plus activities for youngsters run within the community, by the community.

Local businesses

In truth there are too many to mention and it doesn’t seem fair to pick out specific ones – but here are a few things to look out for;

Strathaven has a family friendly pub with great food and views over the peaceful river that winds through the town.

There are also hair and beauty services available to rival the best you’ll find in any city centre – just more friendly.

One of the joys of village communities is independent shops – such as a vintage style fruit and veg shop offering produce which is fresh every day, with friendly, knowledgeable staff and wonderful displays

There’s also a great village butcher who offers farm fresh cuts of meat, backed by cooking advice, hints and tips.

And of course, lovely coffee shops to relax in when your shopping is done.

We love village life in Strathaven

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