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Guest blog from Ali Campbell, international life coach

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03 Nov 2017

Moving house to a new ‘home’ is about so much more than just some extra space or different postcode. In my work as a life coach to celebrities, rock stars and even royalty I can tell you that ‘environment’ is one of the most critical factors in your emotional and mental wellbeing.

No room in the house blends the needs of the physical and emotional more than the kitchen. A good, carefully laid out, calm and nurturing kitchen is at the very heart of your family’s wellbeing. Here’s what to look for in the kitchen to nurture your family.

Is it calming? In the room where ‘it all happens’ can you imagine yourself feeling calm and in control. Hopefully you won’t literally be ‘juggling plates’ but a calm kitchen should be the sanctuary you look forward to going home to.

Is it inspiring? Great design in the kitchen leads to some inspired cooking and trying new things. If you try cooking new things you are much more likely to try new things in the rest of your life.

Is it practical and functional? With all the technology at our fingertips every minute of the day it’s easy to become overwhelmed and think that because you can, you should. Keep it simple and make your surroundings work ‘for’ you.

A Robertson homes kitchen is all of those things. Calming, inspiring and above all a place to nurture your and your family’s future.


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