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19 Feb 2019

When someone buys a new home, they are not just buying a roof over their heads; they are choosing a lifestyle and investing in their future.

They may also unintentionally be making life-changing decisions since people across the community often go on to become lifelong friends.

We’re very conscious of this when we meet a prospective purchaser for the first time. It’s the reason why we put down whatever we are doing and sit down with a couple or family – to spend time really getting to know what’s important to them.

After all, choosing where to put down roots is one of the most important decisions someone will ever make – not to mention one of the most financially significant.

So forget feeling reticent - open up and talk to us. We understand that you don’t want to feel rushed, or pressured since there is not much we have not seen or heard in more than five decades of selling homes. We are all family folk and homeowners ourselves and I promise you we “get it”, that buying a new home is a complex decision and needs a lot of thinking, planning and soul-searching.

Typical concerns include mortgage finance and the unknown timescale for selling an existing home. These are things people lose sleep over but very often we may be able to help with programmes such as “Part Exchange” or “Easymove”.

These can facilitate the move and remove the worry of trading up for a growing family, or down to a more manageable, new property once kids have flown the nest.

There are even government schemes such as “Help to Buy”, aimed at helping first-time buyers get onto the property ladder. We work with incentives every day and can help you identify what might make life easier for you. We’ll also truthfully tell you when you may not qualify for a particular incentive, and navigate the rules with you to find the best fit.

Since most people don’t change home often, we can help you identify conveyancing solicitors, financial advisers and mortgage brokers, and pass on info on school catchment areas and transport timetables.

We are usually on site for a minimum of a year so can tell you where to get the best curry or cappuccino locally, (with a high degree of confidence you’ll agree with the recommendation).

The main thing is just to start the conversation. And I promise we’ll stay with you to help navigate that whole, wonderful journey to new home ownership.

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