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The questions on everyone's mind

We have had a few recurring questions, and to help everyone, we have listed a few of the most asked below.

Know that we are here to support you and your family; you are not alone.

Please continue to stay in touch with our team, be open, explain your situation, and we will guide you every step of the way.

Question: When will Robertson Homes be back up and running?

A: This is difficult to answer; we are working on remobilising plans in preparation for this. Robertson is working with the Scottish Government's Construction Leadership Forum to show that the industry has the experience, systems and discipline to operate within the social distancing guidelines to control COVID-19.

Our proposals for Safe operating procedures on remobilise safely is with Health Protection Scotland and the Chief Scientific Officer and will be passed to the Chief Medical Officer. The Government are not committing to any date at this time, due to the fear of restart causing reinfection.

Question: We are worried about our financial position?

A: You are not alone in feeling this way, please talk to our team. We do have some of the best independent financial advisers who can help. They are experienced in the new home market and have helped a lot of people in the last four weeks.

Question: I am buying using HTB / First Home Fund and worried about the status of my application?

A: We recommend that you stay in touch with your solicitor and or financial adviser, they will be doing everything they can to help you and others in a similar situation. If you feel you still need support, please ask to speak with our IFA's, they are Free and will be able to help you.

Question: I am in a concluded missives and worried about when I could move into my new home?

A: We are guided by the Government at the moment, and we wouldn't want to give you something that might change.

With that said, we do still want to reassure you that you are our priority during this time. Everything we are setting up in the background is to allow our team back to build your new home. Trust us to help you and guide you every step of the way. Our team are on hand to take your calls and questions; please call us.

Question: We are in a chain and worried now that we might not be able to proceed with buying our new home?

A: Let us take this pressure from you, call or team, explain the full situation, and we will give you all the support you need. We have an extensive support network of estate agents, solicitors and financial advisers, all helping people in your situation at the moment. You are not in this alone.


In times like these, we get to see the very best in people. Most recently, our team, along with other builders, helped complete the emergency facility NHS Louisa Jordan. We are so thankful to the NHS for everything they do.

By now you will be familiar with our team, and hope you have come to appreciate them as much as we do? Diane, Graeme and Sarah have been making and receiving calls from you, as have our Sales Managers; Julie, Ben, Karen and Jacqui. Without them, we really couldn't keep you as updated as we would want to.

Stay safe and look after yourselves.
Sharon Spinelli, Sales & Marketing Director


Graeme MacPherson, Senior Sales Executive
Contact for; Great Glen Hall, Inverness,
Ness Castle, Inverness,
Dovecot Grange, Haddington
Fairacres, Dunbar
Strathearn Gardens, Auchterarder


Sarah Kirton, Senior Sales Executive
Contact for;
Wynyard Estate, Wynyard
Backworth Park, Backworth
Cragside Gardens, Rothbury


Diane Goold, Senior Sales Executive
Contact for;
Kilmardinny Gait, Bearsden
Colinhill Grange, Strathaven
Glenburn Manor, Jackton